Renault Magnum Updates v8.14

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Renault Magnum Updates v8.14

Postautor: pralk0suszarka » 08 mar 2014, 23:11

[center]Renault Magnum Updates v8.14 ... s.rar.html ... s.rar.html
=================== ...


* Changed the pipes on the roof
* Side ( fillets ) mirror slightly reduced and shifted forward
* Fixed geometry cabin doors
* Re- made ​​glass doors
* Changed the L-shaped arch windows
* Modified and complemented by front rail with the inscription
* The very label “RENAULT” made ​​Fototekstura
* Labels now voluminous
* Labels “440DXi”, “480DXi” and “520DXi” installed automatically with
the engine
* To nameplate “MAGNUM” added option “MAGNUM (Vega)”
* Handrails for entry into the cabin now slightly curved
* Do intruding wheel glove compartment on the left – put keyhole right
- Removed
* Side marker lights on the cab skirts and reduced in size
* Lights narrowed horizontal
* The lower part of the muzzle are slightly pushed forward

* Wheelbase chassis “4×2″ is extended to the standard 4120 mm
* Lantern deployed slightly behind the cab
* Hind wings borrowed from premium and slightly modified
* Added option chassis “6×2- 4″ , type “chassis ” ( no tractor ) ,
with a wheelbase of 5370 mm

* Added another option mirrors ” Chromium (a)”
* Wheel chrome grilles made ​​slightly convex
* Added mudguards front wheels
* Changed the geometry and length of skirts
* Lengthen chrome pipes for skirts
* Added option dark bottle
* Added chock
* For chassis “6×2- 4″ 4 choices made ​​skirts

* Reworked the front wheels “Elite Rider (Magnum)” and added their
version of “Elite Rider (Magnum) (a)”
* Added an option on the front wheels “Magnum Special”

* Reflection in the main ( large ) made ​​slightly convex mirrors
(except option mirrors ” Paint ” )
* Slightly reduced size of raindrops falling on the windscreen and
side windows
* Fixed glass mat in the form of a lounge

* Options painting “Route 66 ” is now 7 : standard, blue, gray ,
green, red , white and yellow

* Added characteristic Magnum ” howl ” when the engine speed

* Chimes decoupled all nameplates
* From the steps of doors decoupled cylinder , front chrome grilles
and plates TIR and ADR
* Do magnum traffic reduced clearance


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